Dôme has always aimed to create interiors that reflects on your taste and personality. We are also keen on creating an interior that will enhance your personal wellness. Beyond aesthetics, our projects aim to offer an authentic atmosphere.

For our project in the French Riviera, the starting point of our inspiration was the sea. We wanted to create the feeling of being off shore and immerse ourselves in the beauty of marine life. The colour blue is predominant, in different shades and with a touch of white as reminder of the pointed crests which form the whitecaps of a breaking wave. Blue is the color of serenity, peace and calmness. It symbolises the healing nature of water.

The accessory details of the villa are also key to enhance the marine atmosphere. The incredible suspension could be compared to the deep ends of the ocean where you can discover corals and sea plants. The mother of pearl details on the walls and the marine patterns of the pillows and rugs contribute to the consistency of the theme.

This project was all about creating a sense of escape and travel to a light and peaceful environment. Imagining the atmosphere prior to the actual design is key to develop a project. When making design decisions, does this fabric, furniture or accessory contribute to the final vision? If so, you are bound to succeed in your design endeavors!