Hand in hand with its interior design services, Dôme has chosen to develop a concept store in its showroom. With a large selection of home accessories and tableware from internationally renowned brands, Dôme aims to provide that “final touch” to any interior by adding the right decorative pieces to any given space.

To offer a modern and eclectic concept thanks to a specialized team of interior designers, decorators and curators, the concept store represents various innovative brands, some of them displayed for the very first time in Geneva. In June 2023, the mythical Italian brand Fornasetti has chosen Dôme to be its official branded corner in Geneva. Their hand-made furniture, porcelain and candles are defined by their expertise in traditional craftmanship. Every piece is numbered and created in limited edition in Italy with concept of collecting rather than purchasing. The American potter and designer Jonathan Adler has been a longstanding partner for over a decade, making Dôme its largest retailer in Switzerland. His witty and colourful pieces have become a staple to Dôme’s joyful atmosphere.

Dôme is a branded corner of the Assouline editions, such as the Travel Series and the Impossible Collection. The editions that have also magnified Dôme’s library include Taschen and Phaidon. Through Dôme’s experience as booksellers and library designers, Dôme offers the possibility to curate custom libraries for clients by refreshing their existing library or create a completely new one around various themes such as the arts, nature, travels, hobbies, and culture.

Regarding Furniture, Dôme creates mainly custom furniture with its editor fabrics allowing an endless amount of possibility to create a specific piece. Porta Romana and Pieter Adam’s handmade pieces have also become a stable to Dôme’s aesthetic. Their organic shapes and high-quality craftmanship are a true artwork. Moreover, Dôme has also partnered with Eichholtz for over decade thanks to its continuous offers of contemporary furniture.

Some other partners include Giobagnara for their handmade leather homeware and furniture, Maison la bougie for their flamboyant candle designs and Azaleo, the celestial perfumes by Soraya Bakhtiar. While providing high-end pieces, Dôme is also partnering with Dutch brands such as Anna + Nina and Klevering which offer a panel of accessible and playful accessories.

Finally, Dôme created its own line of home accessories called Dôme Precious with themes inspired by the sea, the cosmos and nature. These themes are presented through different objects such as scented candles, embroidered cushions, diffusers or even boxes and trays sublimated by exceptional handles.


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