After the core of your interior design selection has been decided, the details come in! Through accessories and objects, you can give a true personality to your interior and most of these objects are often noticeable in one specific spot: the coffee table.

In some way, your coffee table gives a glimpse of who you are. What colors your like, your interests, your character. As much as you would like to express yourself in the most authentic way, creating a set of ornaments that is both beautiful and truthful is not always easy. We thought of some suggestions that would make the task simple!


The endless number of themes expressed in coffee table books allows you to aesthetically express your interests whether it is in travels, art, fashion, sports, or design. Through our represented editors Assouline, Phaidon and Taschen, you can discover a selection of books that specifically address your hobbies. Discover our selection of coffee table books in our showroom.

A game

As backgammon and chess lovers, at Dôme we are always looking for aesthetic games! Our backgammons available in multiple designs and colors is often the statement piece on our coffee tables. 

A vase

Finding the right vase is not always the easiest, the size, patterns, and colors cannot disappoint. But a beautiful vase with flowers on a coffee table is the cherry on the cake!


For a cozy, sweet scent and peaceful atmosphere, scented candles are a must! A staple that is constantly reinvented.


Both practical and visually pleasing, trays blend perfectly on coffee tables. Valet trays and Ashtray are also a great alternative if you have smaller table.


Avoid stains and choose them wisely to accompany your favorite drink!

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