The mythical Fornasetti Atelier with its surrealist designs chose to put forward its know-how in Geneva exclusively at Dôme Project Interiors. Discover their selection of furniture, porcelain, trays, candles, and plates in our showroom.

Fornasetti was founded in Milan in the mid- twentieth century by Piero Fornasetti, a multi-faceted artist whose persistentcreative flair allowed him to push the limits of 20th century art and design. His aesthetic was associated to “Practical madness” where decoration as a purpose is combined with a mix of classism, irony, and humor. For his time, he was considered post-modern by clashing with conformity in the most subtle ways. 

The production process has always been one of Fornasetti’s distinguishing features. Every piece is numbered and created in limited edition, where you collect rather than purchase. The atelier has kept its traditional production methods and identity through time. All objects are handmade in Italy by using the original methods of expertise implanted since its creation. Their strong belief that for an object to be great it cannot be produced multiple times, has continued to be the foundation of their manufacturing. 

The synergy between Dôme and Fornasetti translates in its willingness to play with tradition by keeping a core of classism while adding a surprising touch of modernity whether it being through strong colors schemes or surprising designs. While Fornasetti was inspired by traditional Italian aesthetic, these elements are deconstructed through its witty and opulent designs. Similarly, Dôme’s classical elements, present in its detailed wall works including moldings, are clashed by a selection of modern furniture with organic shapes and adorned by playful and colorful accessories to create a harmonious contrast. Both entities aim to offer a classical core that is deconstructed by unexpected elements.