Restructuring and renonvation

This sumptuous 54.3m world cruising exploration yacht has been meticulously renovated by our teams. The incredible metamorphosis of Spirit, designed by the prestigious yacht builder Amels, bears witness to the magnetism and majesty of the ocean. 

From conception to completion, the ocean has been the main inspiration for Dôme Project Interiors. And no effort has been spared to ensure that every passenger can feel connected with the marine world and thus sense both the magnitude and the serenity of the sea surrounding them.

Soft, soothing colours and fine materials have been carefully chosen and beautifully combined: pale blue velvet meets pearly ivory lacquer and textured shagreen. The many shells appearing in a variety of accessories celebrate the beauty of the marine world, adding a unique style accent to the boat. Coral is also a recurring motif in the decoration, found on cushions, handles, carpets and even the lights designed by the talented Pieter Adam. With an extraordinary level of originality and know-how, this gifted designer has also produced a magnificent illuminated screen wall especially for this project. Subtly separating different areas, it conjures up an exceptional sea-inspired atmosphere all by itself.

To bring even more comfort to the lounge areas, two bars have been designed and made to measure, in an ivory lacquer with pearly reflections echoing the shells. The lighting has also been carefully designed to brighten up the living areas and create a more contemporary look, with the walls enhanced by a delicate sandy tone with iridescent reflections.