Restructuring and renonvation

This project was carried out in a prestigious apartment on a very exclusive island in Miami. Covering a grand 800 square meters, this property also has a 200-square-meter terrace overlooking Miami Beach. The team at Dôme realized all the interior architecture elements of the habitable spaces, as well as the furnishings and the decoration.

The Dôme Project Interiors team worked on an Art Deco theme, ingeniously exploiting refined finishes, such as cornices and moldings, enhanced with mother-of-pearl panels and textured wallpapers.
The aim was to create a warm and elegant interior through the use of noble and natural materials, such as mother-of-pearl and shagreen, subtly creating a perfect balance in textures and visually emphasizing the elegance of both the architectural features and the luxurious furniture pieces.

The jewel of this project was the 200-square-metre lounge with a spectacular panoramic view of the ocean and South Beach. The sofas and armchairs in this beautiful living area were designed by Dôme and custom made in high end quality in order to match this imposing and polished ambiance. Magnificent lighting fixtures ornamented with glass pendants add a delicate touch of brightness and tastefully attire the niches of the lounge.

In the dining room, a hand-painted sumptuous panorama wallpaper offers audacity and sophistication. A custom made wooden trellised panel gracefully separates the dining room allowing a circulation of light and creating an eye-catching flow between spaces.
The use of lacquered wood adds warmth and an exotic noble feel and is a recurrent element of the project creating a unity in all rooms.

Present in the master bedroom’s dressing room, it is heightened with sumptuous handles designed and created by our team. The master bedroom is characterized by a crisp and lavish panoramic wall paper catching the eye from behind the headboard, and further enhanced by the two pendant lights with gleaming dripping glass decorations.

Particular care was also given to the all other bedrooms of this prestigious property. Lively cheerful and colorful tones were meticulously chosen for the children’s rooms. An important wood work was put in place to conceive the double deck bed structure with an integrated desk. The playful wallpaper was then chosen as a reference to the surroundings, the sea front, and brings a relaxing oceanic ambiance. The two other children’s bedrooms carry an elegant and warm atmosphere, thought and designed in soothing blue or pink tones.

In the guest room we alternated wallpapers, lacquered wood and mirrors, adding finesse with two signature table lamps.

Finally all the curtains, cushions and headboards were hand sown in our Swiss studios, and create a beautiful and chic harmony in accordance to this exceptional project.