In the heart of Madrid’s nicest center areas, this property has been entirely redesigned by Dôme. Each room has been designed to convey a family atmosphere sprinkled with high-end details in order to create to a prestigious home of luxury and warmth.

The living room found its harmony through the art pieces which gave a sophisticated and picturesque framework. The finishing touches as well as the color palette were specifically selected to highlight the art as well as create a balance between color and refinement. Each fabric was meticulously chosen. Some bring luminous touches, such as the fuchsias, and others were selected to bring a bucolic note, such as the linens or mat velvets. In the corridor, the combination of textured wall papers and dazzling materials on pannels maintain this balance of glow and subtle delicateness. In each bedroom, the color palette has been deployed with precision.

The cushion details, bed sheets and bedspreads, armchair fabric and curtains were harmonized with suppleness for a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Some fabrics with patterns added an ethnic note and were perfectly assembled to simpler fabrics, soft-toned wall papers, and elegant headboards. To finalize each of these sumptuous spaces, light was brought by magnificent lighting fixtures, often chosen for their rustic-like appearance, which matched perfectly with the delicate ambiance light coming through from above the cornices.